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Our Story - Where it all started

World Kite is UK’s top expat solution, designed to help you track your days and nights for residency, tax and visa purposes.


Our Story

Founded in 2018, we have gathered our individual experiences and challenges with the UK immigration and tax systems as expats and creates the perfect solution, which simplifies the process of day counting. Our app ensures expats around the world can live freely as their immigration and tax status is always well-maintained, their stays and proof are securely recorded and available to them to submit to their chosen advisors, or used to apply for any work permits, visas, settlement, residency or citizenship without a worry about unexpected under or over stays jeopardising their future.

World Kite is the UK’s number one trusted, secure and accurate international day counting app which helps you track days and nights for residency, tax and visa purposes.

Founded in 2018 by a group of like-minded expats, World Kite believes in removing today’s global mobility barriers to help digital nomads, expats and citizen of the world enjoy a rich life where the opportunities take them.

We are here to make your dream of building a home anywhere in the world possible and hassle-free. We know and understand your struggles as we have been there, too. Inflexible, frustrated and confused.  Manually filling out Excel Sheets every time we travelled, collecting boarding passes, trying to remember the flight times and delays to make sure the count is accurate. A nightmare we never want to repeat.

We looked for alternatives to manual count but the apps available on the market were not user-friendly, too expensive for what they offer, not accurate and mostly not compatible with certain needs. Many were only for US tracking and counted only days present, which adds work if you want to count absences for UK immigration. We decided to build the ultimate app with all the functions a frequent traveller or a person living between multiple jurisdictions would appreciate.

In today’s fast-pasted lifestyle, we cannot afford to miss a day. Denied visa, border control problems, revoked permits, double taxation are among the common issues we hear about every day, which mostly arise from a neglected day count. Luckily, we’ve got you covered – sign up and enjoy all the great features with our ultimate Tax and Residency Tracker.

Our Vision

We strive to create a world where artificial barriers to travel are eliminated and where individuals have the opportunity to live where their heart belongs with minimum restrictions and maximum happiness.

Our Core Values

We are committed to delivering the best experience to our clients based on our Core Values.

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